Lion International Group, LLC
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We provide a variety of premium consulting services for you and your company.   Please contact us about your specific needs.  

The Group provides consulting in three core areas for your corporation:

                                                      Property Ownership and Management

        *    Assessing the benefits of forming foreign operating subsidiaries in Brazil
        *    Political and economic issues related to investment and trade in Brazil 
        *    Foreign ownership in Brazil, whether real property, or intangible property (intellectual property)
        *    Design and architectural consulting related to domestic and foreign acquisitions

                                                           Corporate Compliance and Ethics

         *   Codes of Conduct and Ethics – developing and integrating U.S. and Brazil codes

 *   Evaluating the applicability of U.S. and Brazilian limitations on U.S. corporate activities in Brazil
Role of internal and external auditors; identifying, avoiding and curing conflicts of interest
Procedures for compliance audits, inspecting and policing conduct and quality control
Corporate responsibility, including responsibility for accuracy and completeness in reporting
Data and information systems, and ensuring accountability, accuracy and preservation

                                             Internal and External Investigations

 *    Cross-border issues on investigations, and multi-jurisdictional disputes

 *    Managing internal reviews, and responding to external requests/investigations
Document and data collection, production, and preservation















Please contact us with your specific needs and for a more complete resume of experience and services.
Whether in the United States or Abroad, the Lion International Group, LLC is dedicated, reliable, and cost-effective.
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